Headquartered in St. Catharines, OrangeList is a young, professional and extremely effective company with ten years in the business of managing investment real estate. For people thinking of buying a suite at The Stanley District as an investment, OrangeList offers a worry-free, headache-free experience, providing you with vetted tenants for both long and short term rentals, handling all aspects of maintenance, ensuring prompt rental payments and all of the myriad details that accompany rental properties. OrangeList also makes sure that your property is always in tiptop shape and offers the following services:

Extensive marketing of your suite on the most effective platforms

OrangeList handles the key exchange leading up to occupancy and collection of key post-occupancy

Thorough cleaning of your suite following occupancy

Quarterly inspections are provided to ensure your suite is properly maintained

Orangelist manages the collection of first and last month’s rent for every new lease agreement that occurs, as well as monthly rent collection and invoicing when necessary.

OrangeList uses PayProp for online rent collection, facilitating auto withdrawals and direct deposits. It will also send out automatic reminders to all tenants leading up to the first of the month. The system sends out a monthly report to all landlords and a receipt to all tenants.

OrangeList guarantees a tenant for a 1-year lease term. If a tenant breaks their lease, OrangeList will re-rent the unit at no cost to the owner.

OrangeList will have an on-site office and will have a full-time representative at The Stanley District.